It’s not easy to balance being present with what arises in your inner world, whilst being present to what is happening in the world at large and your role in it.

Amisha’s leadership mentoring is a powerful one-to-one programme designed to assist you in creating space to show up for yourself each day and to facilitate the formation of lifelong habits that will support and nurture your inner and outer connections.

This is about listening to the voice of knowing inside of you, slowing down and being able to give to yourself and your community in a clear and conscious way.

Find your voice. Speak your truth. Embody your values.


Who is it for?

You are a leader in some way – a social entrepreneur, activist, teacher, facilitator, politician, parent, artist, innovator, disrupter, digital nomad, writer, healer etc. You value purpose and connection. People in your life look to you for guidance and direction. Perhaps you are pushing boundaries and doing something that hasn’t been done before.

You have really been doing the work, attending personal development or spiritual courses, retreats or ceremonies, and yet like so many of us you still struggle with keeping these core realisations alive in your daily life.

When you get home, things get very busy and the connection you have made with yourself and your true nature gets neglected. You may have a demanding work and family/social life, and find it hard to carve out time for yourself. You may also travel a lot and find that this disrupts your routine. You find yourself stuck in the same patterns. It effects your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others and your work. Perhaps you feel some shame for still being wrecked with insecurity, indecision or laziness. Or you are close to or prone to burnout.

You have a commitment to growth and want to give back to your community and society at large. You need support to anchor inner shifts, new patterns and ancient wisdom into your daily life. You want to create a stronger relationship with your intuition and more space in your mind. We can help.

Amisha has designed this programme based on what she would have liked to have to support her in staying grounded and becoming present whilst integrating connection with doing beautiful work in the world.

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How does it work?

This programme has been designed for you to participate from anywhere in the world, even when you are travelling or going through a particularly demanding period at work, so you don’t need to worry about disruptions to the flow.

We find a time each month that works for you, to sit together in two live video sessions, and the rest is done over email or text at your convenience.

One of the most challenging aspects of awakening and self-actualisation, is integrating the realisations and inner shifts that take place on retreats or workshops into the routines and chaos of your daily life.

The real key is that you will have somebody by your side to support you in integrating and activating what you have already learnt, as well as to explore and clear blocks that keep you trapped in restrictive patterns. You will quickly feel the empowerment of a daily practice that gives you space and deepens your connection to yourself.

Research shows the likelihood of doing something goes up from 10% (having an idea) to 95% if you have a specific timeline and somebody with whom you are accountable. We work together on a six month commitment – with the opportunity to continue – so this becomes a steady part of your life.

This is mentoring not coaching. This isn’t about quick fixes, but about making an actual commitment to learning about yourself and the patterns guiding you – creating genuine inner and outer connection. It involves facing parts of yourself you may have shut out – and giving yourself time and space to go deeply into this work.

Did you know that 95% of our thoughts come from our sub-conscious mind? 75% of these are limiting and self-sabotaging and were formed mostly from the last trimester of when we were in utero until around the age of seven. When we re-programme our sub-conscious, and become more present – we can create more of what we want in our lives and be free from the repeating loops of old patterns that we have been living out.

As leaders if we do not do our inner work, we project outwards our own stuff, which in turn damages the work we do and those around us.

This programme is about going beyond spiritual bypassing, narcissism, tourism and materialism – but really learning how to support yourself and others from a place of compassion, kindness and depth. And in turn understanding how to stand up and embody your values with courage and strength.

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What happens in the live video sessions?

We will decide together what to focus on in each session, for example it might be issues such as building confidence, low self-worth, anxiety, insomnia, stress, relationships or we can simply see what arises.

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and might include:

* Intuitive Therapy – deep work on your sub-conscious patterning; clearing blockages, releasing traumas and recharging your system.

* Mentoring – using a variety of tools to work together on specific blocks, being your spiritual cheerleader, supporting you to carve out time and make commitments to yourself and your inner growth.

* Integration – anchoring any realisations or practices that you have already been exposed to.

* Intuition – learning how to work with and use your intuition in a clearer way.

* Meditation – learning to meditate and creating a regular practice for yourself or exploring different styles of meditation.

* Pranayama (Breath work) – learning to change your state through conscious breath work.

* Mantra (Chanting) – bringing in mantras to awaken latent qualities within and deepen meditation.

* Consulting on sustainability, and integrating your values into your life and business.

(For most the sessions are mostly made up of intuitive therapy, mentoring and integration).


The Programme

At the start:

  • Wellbeing Consultation – (Introductory session live video call 90 mins)
  • Set of commitments for the duration of the six months including a daily practice (design and agreement)
  • An ebook with a set of practices and wellbeing tips

Every Month:

  • 2 x one hour live video sessions (or weekly 30 mins if you prefer)
  • Daily Practice design and review (with supporting audio/video – meditations, mantras and yoga sequences)
  • On-going Commitments review (and changing them up so they don’t become routine)
  • Suggestions of practices for wellbeing, health, de-stressing and productivity
  • Awakening of dormant qualities within
  • A private online record of sessions, commitments and qualities we are anchoring
  • Weekly check in via email or text
  • Weekly reflection writing exercises
  • Replies to any questions that come up between sessions over email
  • Monthly inspiration (poems, music, book recommendations)
  • Weekly energetic field clearing
  • Video blogs, meditations and other gifts throughout the programme
  • Exploration of purpose, privilege and connection
  • Empowerment of values, truth and voice
  • Development of your relationship with your intuition
  • Continual support and nourishment
  • Discount offers on some of Amisha’s courses, retreats and volunteering programmes
  • You can also request extra sessions if and when desired

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Who is your mentor?

Amisha Ghadiali, is an award-winning social entrepreneur whose career has included demanding roles in the political, sustainability and tech start-up worlds. She combines this experience of managing a high pressure lifestyle with her deep knowledge of sustainable living, mindfulness and yoga.

Her own “burn out” whilst “trying to save the world” led her into training as a yoga and meditation teacher, which in turn opened a giant rabbit hole deeper into the mystical realms. In addition to over 1000 hours of teacher training in Yoga & Meditation, she has trained as a priestess, reiki master and intuitive energy healer. She brings all this depth and her fascination with the relationship of our inner and outer worlds, to her work.

Amisha is a writer and speaker on all aspects of conscious and green living. Her words have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre. She edited the collaborative book, The Future Is Beautiful – A Collection from Think Act Vote,  coining the term Creative Activism and bringing together ideas and artwork from over two hundred contributors to inspire a brighter future. Amisha has spoken or facilitated workshops at events and festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Sunday Papers Live & Burning Man.

Amisha recently launched The Future Is Beautiful Podcast which explores the weave between politics, spirituality, sustainability and creativity, so we can come out of our silos – and bring more of who we are to our lives. These inspiring conversations also look into the darkness and difficulties of modern life and challenging the status quo, providing comfort and a grounded optimism. Previous guests have included Charles Eisenstein, Samantha Roddick, Satish Kumar, Sally Kempton and Bruce Parry.



“Since I’ve been working with Amisha, I’ve felt my heart swell each week with gratitude and wonder at how blessed I am and how much space for beauty there is as I go slower and ‘take in the view’. It’s exactly what I hoped for and it feels like home.” Faye, Financial Advisor

“Amisha has a very powerful energy which she kindly shares with the lucky ones around her. Since we started to work together last year on one of the most intense, emergent and beautiful projects of my life I was able to experience first hand her creative power and the fire that she holds. We had great sessions where we did personal/professional development and some powerful work on cleaning my energy field. I trust her and celebrate her path of helping others to align to their truth and essence.” Gabriel, Sustainability Consultant

“I have been working with Amisha for almost a year now. Her approach has focused on the spiritual side of my persona that is at the core of who we are and timeless. The narrative by which we present ourselves in daily life and different situations is often damaged by experiences in the past that we have not resolved or simply ignored. Amisha provides a safe place to open these doors and bring these out into the open so we can face them and reduce any negative impact these may be having on our lives. With her support I have found the strength to anchor powerful shifts in myself and bring in new daily habits that integrate these fully.” Brian, Tech Investor

“Amisha is a powerful and intuitive therapist. She created a safe space where I was able to open up and go deep into some issues and areas I wanted healing around. I felt very held and felt the permission to really go deep. Her care was very present sending me recordings and check ins. I have had some true break throughs around the areas we focused on. And am grateful for that. She is professional and brings here own style and a variety of practices.” Nikki, Coach and Social Entrepreneur

Cost of the Programme

The programme fee is offered on a sliding scale starting at £260/$340 a month.

(It’s important that the amount is high enough that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wasting it so that you show up). Anything above £260 will be donated to the making of The Future Is Beautiful podcast and other social projects that Amisha supports or will be used to pay it forward and give a free or reduced rate place to somebody who needs it.

This base rate is a significantly lower than other programmes with this level of support, to make it available and accessible. Often these kind of leadership programmes can be thousands per month but I believe that this work is so useful and needed by entrepreneurs starting out, activists, writers, artists, creatives, parents and others who don’t have that kind of disposable income. You can pay through instalments at the start of each month, or if you can pay the whole programme upfront, a further discount is applied.

If you can’t pay the minimum fee, please apply anyway and make a note. If somebody pays above the minimum we will have funds to offer bursaries.

How To Apply

There is an application process, and an optional consultation before we start. I work with a very limited number of clients in this way, so that you each get the right level of support and attention.

Apply to join this programme by filling in the form below asap.

Want to start with a block of sessions? 

If you are not yet ready to make this commitment, you can start with a wellbeing consultation, a one off intuitive therapy session or a block of 3, 6 or 12 sessions. More information about these can be found here.


There are a couple of places to start now (early Nov) until April. Or the next one will be 1st Feb – 1st August.

You can apply and join this programme if it is a right fit. If you have any questions, please contact Amisha. We can arrange a phone call or video call, if you want to ask more questions before applying.

Apply here now.

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