During this unique year of 2020, both in lockdown and through the death of my father, I wrote this book on Intuition, which I know to be the most important skill of this time. It’s a very practical book which will either open the doors for you to your intuition or take you deeper in that relationship.

The book takes you through nine principles of Intuition and over 50 practices. It’s perfect if you don’t really know what your intuition is, and layered with depth for those who already trust but want to go further.

“This is the book that everyone needs to read, even if you are already super connected to your inner compass.” Swaady Martin, author & social entrepreneur

It’s now available for pre-order (released in UK/Australia on Dec 3rd and then the US on Jan 19th) as a hardback, kindle and audible editions. It has been published by DK Books (Penguin/Random House).

“This is a wonderful little book. It is also way more than a simple book on intuition. It distils the essential elements for living a truly beautiful, peaceful life. Every page has a potent insight, a powerful exercise or a profound contemplation. Simple, sweet, practical and elegant. I recommend it highly!” Richard Rudd, Author & Founder of the Gene Keys

Here are the pre-order links:

* UK Pre-Order – Hardback, Kindle & Audible (Amazon)

* UK Hardback (from Hive supporting independent bookstores)

* US Pre-Order – Hardback (Bookshop.org supporting independent bookstores)

* US Pre-Order – Hardback & Audio (Amazon)

* Australia Pre-Order – all three editions (Amazon)

* Canada Pre-Order – Hardback & Audio (Amazon)

** You can also request that your favourite local bookstore stock this & put it in their window display

Global translations will come in 2021…

pre-orders really support authors and so if you are planning to buy the book, this is the best time!

Online Book Launch & Pre-Order Gifts:

If you would like to join my online launch celebration, where I will share some of the stories of my own journey into trusting my intuition, how the book came together and my favourite practices from the book, you can register for that here (and the video will be sent out afterwards). Please pre-order the book first as this really helps the book’s success.

Online Launch Details:

Sunday 6th December, 8.15pm (London), 3.15pm (New York), 12.15pm (Los Angeles) 7.15am* (Sydney)

Amisha will be sharing some of the story behind the book, and we have some special guests planned!

+ RSVP (you will be sent the video replay if you can’t make it)

“Amisha’s, INTUITION, is one of the most essential new books on the planet today.  Both timely and courageous, it offers intimate and informed guidance in learning to hear ones finest inner voices and moreover, summoning the bravery to first trust, then ACT on behalf of ones truth for the betterment of both self and other, Life itself. A truly visionary accomplishment by a beautiful mind. Spread the word and gift this Gem to friends.” —Alan Clements, author of A Future To Believe In, instinct for Freedom and The Voice of Hope.  

Pre-Order Gifts:

When you register for the launch, you will also get your pre-order gifts!

This includes:

* A one hour workshop on Intuition made in the treehouse where the book was mostly written which includes some of Amisha’s favourite practices and a powerful meditation

* The bonus chapter that was written for the audiobook – Playing in the Wild Fields of Trust (as a pdf that you can read)

* The recording of the launch event with Amisha and special guests

* Some extra surprise gifts and resources

+ Register for the pre-order gifts

Amisha Ghadiali’s new book Intuition, published by DK Penguin Random House, is an evocation and revelation, a contemporary crystallization, of a body of wisdom that has been long hidden and is now reclaimed. Intuition is a prescient and wise guidebook, on how to follow, inner guidance and inspiration, both visionary and somatic, as a means of navigating through our lives.  What is unique, and quite wonderful about this book, is that Amisha has brought together an encyclopedia of practices, many tried and true through time and tradition, infused with her own personal experience and dare I say her powerful and loving personal presence. If you have had the opportunity to meet or interact with Amisha you will know what I mean. She is a living embodiment of what she writes about.  This extraordinary book reawakens our vital inner navigation system in a form that will reach a diverse audience for the 21st Century. Bravo Amisha for a job well done!
Sarah Drew, author of GAIA CODEX 

“As host of the acclaimed podcast, The Future is Beautiful – Amisha Ghadiali is a woman of purpose, substance, with a field of energy and creativity that can’t fully be described. She has this fascinating quality of delicacy, like she is so sensitive she can feel the whisper of a butterfly’s wings from across the room, but simultaneously a warrior-like sharpness of intellect that leaves no stone unturned when contemplating the complexities of the human experience.” Vanessa Cornell, founder of NUSHU

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