During the lockdown and death of my father during this unique year of 2020, I wrote this book on Intuition, which I know to be the most important skill of this time. It’s a very practical book which will either open the doors for you to your intuition or take your deeper in that relationship.

It’s now available for pre-order (released in UK/Australia on Dec 3rd and then the US on Jan 19th) as a hardback, kindle and audible editions. It has been published by DK Books (Penguin/Random House).

Here are the pre-order links:

UK Pre-Order – all three editions

US Pre-Order – Hardback & Audio

Australia Pre-Order – all three editions

Canada Pre-Order – Hardback & Audio

Global translations will come in 2021…

Online Book Launch:

And if you would like to join my online launch celebration, where I will share some of the stories of my own journey into trusting my intuition, how the book came together and my favourite practices from the book, you can register for that here (and the video will be sent out afterwards). Please pre-order the book first!