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Style & Presence Summit – A Reclamation of Worth


Style & Presence invites us to join together for a potent celebration and exploration into our self worth as womxn and how this relates to the worth of the world. As we stand here in 2020 with everything that has come to the surface, we see we are living in a world of distortion and […]

Intuition Book Launch – Online


Come and celebrate the launch of my book Intuition for an online gathering where I will share some stories on learning to trust my intuition, some insights that came through the process of writing this book, and will guide you through some of my favourite practices. I will share the video afterwards to all who […]

Re-imagining Education Conference

A 4-day virtual conference to re-imagine education at a critical moment in history. For the last 200 years, many have worked to improve the education system and it has not been enough. What if we re-imagine higher education from the root? Hosted by the Ecoversities Alliance, and partnering communities from around the world, the Re-imagining Education Conference is […]

Hope in Action – Resurgence Trust

More isn’t always better. It has been proved that living with excessive amounts of stuff does not make us happy. Understanding this simple wisdom is central to ensuring a hopeful and regenerative future for people and planet. Join Charles Eisenstein, Amisha Ghadiali and Jen Gale as they explore how we can live well with less […]

The South Asian Sisterhood Summit

I am taking part in the South Asian Sisterhood Summit over these days. If you want to join us and find out more, you can sign up here.

Inner State Festival – Albania

A festival experience where wellness, music, talks, food, and drink all play together. An ephemeral neighbourhood of awesome humans. Musicians, healers, and leading thinkers. Artists, chefs, and master mixologists. A place where good times and high vibes thrive. Amisha is speaking on her recent book Intuition and why this a key skill of this time. […]

Intuitive Flow


A four week journey into living life from your Intuition - so that you can make decisions and live a life from your soul (even during a global pandemic). For those of you that have my new book Intuition, this will take you deeper into the practices and principles so that you can cultivate a […]

We Are Nature – Avebury Pilgrimage & Speaker Online Event

The Future Is Beautiful and Noisily Festival presents: An in person pilgrimage to Avebury An online speaker event with inspiring guests on the theme WE ARE NATURE The lives of every living organism on earth are magically interwoven, delicate energetic threads knitting our ecosystem together into a planetary intelligent super organism. When we look deep […]

Noisily Festival

Noisily is a festival that celebrates the individual, cultivates understanding in the collective, and explores what it means to be human in today’s World. Grounded in 5 core pillars, we strive to stand on the edge of knowledge, and to share that knowledge and information with the intelligent, open minded people who come to the […]

Realisation Festival – Dorset

In the spirit of a festival, retreat and critical dialogue The Realisation Festival arises from a conviction that we live at a pivotal but precarious juncture; a time of reckoning that calls for candid, careful and courageous reflection in order to ‘realise’ a more beautiful, imaginative and thoughtful world. The aim is to foster a […]