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The Heart of Transformation, a navratri sādhanā with Mischa Varmuza

October 6 - October 15

Join Amisha Ghadiali and Mischa Varmuza for a 10 day sādhanā during the auspicious festival of Navratri, 6-15th October, 2021, from the power of your own home.

We invite you into a brave and sacred space, with a global community of sisters to harness the transformational energy of this time. We will journey to awaken and deepen our relationship with the Divine Feminine and to integrate both our personal experiences and the collective challenges alive in the world right now.

The sādhanā is designed to create a powerful container with the offering to draw into a deeper personal retreat space with guidelines and suggestions around diet and daily rhythms and commitments,

Navratri is the festival of nine victorious nights, in devotion of the many faces of Durga and in celebration of the victory of good over evil.

Durga means The invincible, The inaccessible or The fortress and She is the great Warrior Goddess and the power or aspect of consciousness and of the Divine Feminine that protects.  She represents the fearless heart and awakens the courage we need to meet our fears and challenges, whether they be living external challenges or inner fears and limiting beliefs. She empowers us to listen to our Truth, to trust the process and to rise up in Love and Service for the Greater good.

This is an invitation to direct energy towards the areas within your life that you seek support, transformation or a radical shift in thought or structure – in service to our personal growth and the collective healing of our planet.

Through our practices and journey together we will awaken and celebrate the spirit of Durga, as warrior Goddess. We will tend to the flame of the heart and focus our energy and commitment towards amplifying our power and wisdom and remembering our worth.

This festival begins on the New Moon and as the moon waxes with the energy of the Goddess, the power of Shakti within is illuminated and magnified throughout our lives. It is a potent time for inner work and we hope that you will join us.



Be part of a global community of sisters

1 x 90 minute live welcome circle and live session on the eve of Navratri, including mantra, mudrā, storytelling & sharing)

9 x live led daily sādhanā sessions, including meditation, chanting, mantra & prayer

2 x additional sharing circles

Suggestions on how to deepen your sādhanā through diet, daily rhythms and commitments for these days
10 x daily emails with teachings, reflections and contemplations

Optional chat group to connect with your sādhanā sisters


Note, we will meet on the eve of Navratri (6 October) to connect and prepare for our sādhanā

Wednesday 6th October, 20-2130 HRS BST – Opening circle, mantra, mudra & storytelling

(On zoom – recording will be send out straight afterwards)

Thursday 7th October – Thursday 14th October, 0715 – 0800 HRS BST – Daily Sadhana, including 15 minutes silent sit (zoom room opens at 0715, led sādhanā begins at 0730)

[ Sunday 10th October, 0800-0900 HRS – optional sharing circle after sādhanā }

Friday 15th October, 0700-0800 HRS – Daily sādhanā and closing circle.

Please note times are UK BST, however participation from all over the world is welcome and recordings will be available.


Amisha & Mischa are deep sādhanā sisters, and have offered multiple The Heart of Transformation retreats in the UK, India and online over the past five years. They have also been together on many sacred sites, as well as yoga teacher trainings, ashrams and temples. Together they offer a powerful container for the embodiment of the goddess as well as a deep reverence for the healing arts of yoga.

Amisha Ghadiali has celebrated Navartri since she was a child. In her cultural tradition, the women gather for nine nights of dance called Garba, where they dance with special sticks and celebrate. This is celebrated in this way by Gujaratri women and the name is derived from the Sanskrit term Garbha (“womb”) and Deep (“a small earthenware lamp”). A lamp and statues of the goddess are placed in the centre as the dancers circle around. It’s always been a special time of celebration, being with women of all generations and wearing her favourite saris. As a yoga and meditation teacher, Navaratri took on new meaning as she felt the power in the subtle fields of this time of year, as a time of renewal, courage and empowerment. Amisha loves sharing the myth of Durga and this battle as the awakening of the inner activist in all of us, that is powered by love. This is a time for the slaying of our inner demons, and for rising up in our personal lives and the way we contribute to the collective. For spring Navarati this year which was just after lockdown was announced in the UK, Amisha went offline and into silence for the whole of the festival and wrote the nine principles for her book, Intuition which comes out this December. It is always a potent time. Amisha is an intuitive therapist who works with energy and subconscious patterns with her clients which she supports with sessions and her presence leadership mentoring. She is currently hosting Presence Collective; a membership space for creative, connected and courageous living, and The Beautiful Leadership Immersion. She is also the author of the collaborative book, and host of the globally acclaimed podcast, The Future Is Beautiful.


Mischa Varmuza has been exploring India’s sacred heart and traditions for over fourteen years during which she has spent extensive time visiting sacred sites and practicing under the guidance of true masters of yoga. Alongside her yoga study, she is also immersed in the path of the Priestess tradition, a way of embodied practice and ritual and a sincere journey of reclamation of the Divine Feminine which deeply supports the seeking, harnessing and revering of the sacred energy and wisdom of Shakti. The celebration of Navratri is a precious and powerful time for celebration and devotion of Shakti, the Goddess, in the form of Durga and in recent years Mischa has formed a strong relationship with the energy of this festival, both in her own practice under the guidance of her Tantric Master and also sharing with others, offering live immersions and online practices for students and she has spent the last 2 years living in India, deepening her connection to the traditions and practices, including time spent at both the ashram in Nagpur and in the ancient mystical city of Banaras. Mischa honours yoga’s capacity for transformation and self discovery and is continually humbled by the practice; the way in which it inspires growth and invites a profound experience of the fullness of life itself. She is devoted to exploring the unfolding of the Self, to realising the innate freedom and Love that resides within each of us. She has been teaching classes, workshops and retreats globally since 2012 and shares a layered and heartfelt practice reflecting the adventure and texture of her experiences and study. The practice she offers is rich with mantra, philosophy, myth, chanting, meditation and ritual and you will be taken on a joyful journey of internal and external unfolding.



We are offering this on a sliding scale, please pay what you can.

£133 / £108 / £88 / £55



October 6
October 15
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