The Beautiful Leadership Immersion

Join us on this powerful adventure of soul as we explore and embody beautiful leadership. 

This is not just an online course, but an immersive experience designed to reconnect you to the very nature of the gifts of your soul, so you may create more beauty in this world. 

When we started this project in 2010, we often said, we create the future by how we spend our time, money and energy. And this immersion is really an opportunity to reassess all of this – in a supportive and transformative environment. This can be integrated with Presence Leadership Mentoring over the same dates. 

The themes are: 

* Redefining Leadership & Worth 

* Shadows, Trauma and Liberation 

* Embodiment & Biohacking 

* Vision, Intuition & Edgewalking

* Sacred Activism & Decolonisation

* Creativity, Cultural Futurism & Flow Consciousness 

* Collaboration & Community 


Open for enrolment now until 13th Sept.

Immersion: 14th September – 18th December 2020. 

*** Full details & how to register available here. 


Find a way through the overwhelm and ground into your own wellbeing and sustainable lifestyle with the support of this vibrant community.

Presence Collective focuses on personal growth and wellbeing, in the context of where we are in this moment of time. Everything is designed to give you more support in the day to day living of your life whilst integrating your unique expression of sacred activism.

How we can best live a life of purpose, truth and contribution where we align our inner reality to the way that we show up in the world?

Presence Collective provides a map, with a new theme each month – and a resource to fall back on.

“I am really enjoying this month’s theme. This group is proving to have quite far reaching effects on me ! Thank you Amisha and everyone for all of you for what you share here.” Claire, Member

“This is speaking to me in this phase of my life and my projects and my relationships right now … it’s like all the wheels within wheels within wheels are aligning almost like an eclipse moment or and that I want to honour this very special time. Feel grateful to this group for supporting me in my awareness that this is occurring and I know this is a source of wisdom for exploring these new openings in my life. Thank you all” Ami, Member

“You are bringing me back to life, in small ways. The practices, tools and especially watching the videos helped me to remember how sacred I see everything. I’ve been so bogged down in domesticity and I have been numb, depressed. But this is really doing what I hoped- reconnecting me to simple practice.” Harriet, Member

It’s £30 a month or $37 to join.

Annual memberships come with three months extra included. 

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Presence Meditation is a simple and comprehensive guide to meditation which is perfect for both beginners and those who need a re-invigoration for their practice.

In these simple videos, you are guided on how to sit, how to breathe, what to focus on, and how to bring meditation into your life.

“I loved the videos, I didn’t expect to get so much from them so thank you, I always found that it hurt in my back while sitting in a meditation position for too long, I can sit comfortably now. I’m actually meditating. Feeling great, this is just the push I needed. For the first time the longer I sit in meditation the better it feels… 20 minutes felt like nothing during the guided meditation, I didn’t expect that!” Lee on Presence Meditation 101

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Rituals for Wellbeing guides you to creating a life that you love

Our rituals or habits are the core of who we are. We are made up of the moments in our lives – and so bringing a deep relationship with ourselves in our daily rituals is what makes a difference into the quality of our life – and ultimately the quality of our relationships and our global future. 

“I am loving the Rituals for Wellbeing course. It really changed how I view my “self-care” and actually my whole day. I saw meditation and yoga as a chore but now I see it as a celebration!! I love my morning yoga and meditation rituals and then my bedtime routine which is now much more intentional and planned out rather than scrolling through Facebook and then falling into bed. The morning and evening guided meditations are so beautiful and have really helped me set intentions for my day and then reflect and have gratitude towards myself for all that I’ve done. As a result I’m loving life so much more, each day feels like a beautiful gift instead of a daily grind.” Pamela on Rituals for Wellbeing


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