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Last week, saw the second part of my project Future Fashion which is a yearlong series of events dedicated to the politics of dressing in an increasingly throw away world. This time I was  In Conversation with the wonderful Ada Zanditon at Shoreditch House. Hosting this evening was an absolute pleasure as Ada is one of my favourite sustainable fashion designers and her take on science, nature, and design is fascinating. We started off by talking about her AW12 collection, Simia Mineralis, which is inspired by the tragedy of coltan mining in the Congo. The dress that I was wearing on the night is from this collection.

Instead of doing a catwalk, Zanditon shows her collection’s as part of London Fashion Week’s digital schedule and created this film with Thomas Knights.

There will be a short film of this event coming soon, but we have also put together a podcast so that you can listen to the conversation. The podcast has been recorded and edited by Laurence McKenna, and is available to listen to here.

As part of Future Fashion, I have been working with Ada Zanditon on a design competition for all UK based members of the Soho House Group to have the opportunity to design the ultimate party dress for AW 12. The dress will be made using sustainable fabrics that Ada and myself have recommended from the Offset Warehouse and will be made in the UK and then sold at 123 Bethnal Green Road. The winner will benefit from mentoring by Ada to bring the design to life. We have picked out five sustainable fabrics that we think will be perfect for this winter.

Future Fashion Sustainable Fabrics

Ada and Amisha after the event both wearing Ada Zanditon

In my commitment to help make your ethical wardrobe simple and achievable through my  Rules To Dress By, I asked Ada if she would share her three top tips, and here they are:

Who are you? how do you want to use fashion – is it to represent yourself – is it to feel comfortable – what is your relationship with how you dress everything comes from asking ourself that – how much does who i am cost? what does is look like what does it feel like? basically my first top tip is about personal style – asking ourselves what is that for us? cos if we can answer that then we can start to consume in a way is more responsible – when you dont’ know who you are you end up with a wardrobe full of crap you don’t wear – because none of it is really you – know what i mean – when you work out what makes you tick and what dress wise will work for you then you can start to edit and select and sustainability blends effortlessly into that.

* Darn your socks – seriously – you would be amazed how easy it is and how relaxing it is – you can do it in front of a movie – darn things in general – darn your knitwear – its just so easy – and prevents us wasting things that are otherwise in perfectly good condition – think of it as free meditation with the benefit of a prolonged wardrobe

* Shop at 123 Bethnal Green Road – the concept store is innovative and stock over 150 independent brands, which is rare these days.

+ Read The Urban Times interview with Ada Zanditon and write up of the event: The Ethical Fashion Dream? Sea Horses, Gorillas and Extremophiles

+ Visit AdaZanditon.com

+ Find out more about 123 Bethnal Green Road

+ Enter the Future Fashion Design Competition (Soho House Group only)

+ Listen to the interview through the Future Fashion Podcast

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