Music in a Red Dress

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Sadly most of the London Design Festival passed me by with so many things going on this month. But I luckily I walked past this as it’s right around the corner from my house. When I arrived at York Hall, I was asked to remove my shoes, and put on some red shoes, and then follow the red carpet. When I entered the Hall, I found the stunning Red Dress.

The Red Dress at York Hall

The dress was created by designer Aamu Song who “wanted to create the ultimate relationship between an audience and a vocal musician by connecting them with something other than just music”. The idea that the singer could wear the 3m high dress, made from 550 meters of Kvadrat’s classic Divina wool fabric, with 238 people in watching her from the pockets. The dress is a part of a permanent collection in the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland.

Sadly I missed out on watching a concert in the dress although some lucky londoners did get the experience. Have a look at these great photographs of how the dress has come to life.

EDDRESS -concert series and exhibition in Designmuseum, Finland 2007. Singer: Astrid Swan. Photo: Janne Suhonen.

REDDRESS world premiere in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark 2005. Singer: Lena Willemark. Photo: Henrik Stenberg.

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