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We have an election coming up in a few months. Historically elections have always got me excited. My oldest political memory is of staying up late with my parents for what must have been 1992 I had a blue scarf and a red scarf and my parents explained to me the difference. I then wore one, and sat on the other until I fell asleep. Every election since then has its own story.

There is something about this election though, where I don’t want to get excited. Maybe it is because I don’t see the things that I think we really need to face as a global community being addressed, maybe because I don’t see the difference between the parties, maybe because I think our system is outdated, maybe because a leader has not come forward that I trust with our future, maybe because of the disappointment felt watching Obama fail after such promise and excitement.

However despite all that, I know that elections give us a voice. They are our chance to say something about what we think. We can campaign around single issues and to change the system, but it is also important to use our vote, or to at least think about using it.

I wanted to do something to bring us together as a community of voters, by creating a platform for us to share what we feel about this election. Everybody’s view is important, and I would like to know what others think. Those that don’t normally speak out at times like this, people who I can’t even imagine going to a polling station.

So that is exactly what Think Act Vote is. An anthology to inspire people to take action.

There will be three elements to the campaign:

– collecting people’s thoughts on the election and our future

– a t-shirt design competition to create the perfect Eco Think Act Vote t-shirt

– a party in April to celebrate all the people that take part in Think Act Vote

Find out more and get involved at

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