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There has been much talk of Upcycling and Re-use lately around fashion and green issues. The idea is simple. Turn something that is no longer loved, into something useful, and something that can be adored.

Pictures speak louder then words. Here is the story of my new coat, re-styled by the wonderful folk at Junky Styling.

My Upcycled New Coat

My Upcycled New Coat

We all have many things in our wardrobes that never see the light of day. Maybe they don’t fit us anymore, maybe they were never stylish, maybe they just remind us of happy days gone by. For whatever reason, many of us hoard things.

I had been talking to Kerry from Junky Styling for a while about how I wanted to do a piece with their Wardrobe Surgery. As I was looking through my bedroom, and forcing myself to part with things that haven’t made it out of my room for years, I realised what I wanted.

Living in Britain, you wear your coat everyday for at least half of the year. So what better thing to really make your own. I found two coats that I had in my wardrobe, hadn’t worn for years, but hadn’t wanted to throw away either!

Purple Coat

Purple Coat - 10 years old!

The first was this purple coat from Reiss. I bought this in the sale when I was 16 on a shopping trip to Nottingham. It was always too big for me, but I was excited at the time to be able to afford a coat from Reiss in my favourite colour. I don’t think I had worn it for a few years as it always felt like it was made for somebody else and had no shape whatsoever.

Grey Coat

Grey Coat - 6 years old!

This grey coat was from Bulgaria. I spent a summer in an orphanage for teenagers after my first year at uni. I then went back for Christmas. It was so cold, that I ended up getting this coat. It is kinda cool, but had a very thin zip that couldn’t really take the weight of the rest of the coat, and so I rarely wore it.

I felt like the material in both coats was good quality and that we could do something interesting with them. At first I pictured something more glamourous in my head. Something that went out at the bottom and had a huge cape like part to it. After looking at the fabric and the amount there was once you cut open a coat (surprisingly little!),  it made more sense to do something a little more funky, but definitely with a hood.

After talking it over with Kurt, Kerry and Annika, I left it in their hands. It ended up looking different to how I had imagined.

Junky Styling Coat - Hood Down

Junky Styling Coat - Hood Down

When you get something re-styled you can add your own little touches. For example, we have put in grey cashmere hand warmers to keep me warm and cosy.

It has become a  new item of love! The shape is great, and of course, the hand warmers and the HOOD! Perfect for the British Winter! Worn with my Stella McCartney vegan over the knee comfy boots.

Read more about the coat and Junky Styling on Treehugger

Back Profile of Coat

Back Profile of Coat

Side Profile of Coat

Side Profile of Coat

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