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Amisha Ghadiali Designer Profile:

The Amisha Jewellery label launched in summer 2007, debuting at the British Design Pavilion of ‘International Jewellery London’, the UK’s only dedicated trade jewellery event where the most talented, cutting-edge British designers are hand-selected to appear alongside innovative International collections, creating a forum of established and emerging talents at the forefront of jewellery design.

The idea of Amisha Jewellery was first conceived whilst designer Amisha Ghadiali was studying Politics and Parliamentary Studies at The University of Leeds. She had felt sure that a career in International Development was what lay ahead until, in 2005, a serious accident gave her an incredible and transformative opportunity to re-evaluate what she really wanted from life. Having always had on eye for fashion and design, Amisha set about re-discovering the child-like joy of the creativity she had put to one side in favour of politics, and from these inspiring explorations came the idea of a jewellery label that could combine all her great passions: a love of colour, a love of self expression, a life-long fascination with crystals and their properties, and a desire to do something positive for the world. As a child growing up in an Indian family, Amisha was surrounded by a rich tapestry of colour and glamour; her mother’s exquisite array of jewellery, saris and fabrics captured and inspired her imagination and that early influence is reflected in her work today.

The stones used in Amisha Jewellery are all carefully selected not only for their ornamental and decorative qualities, but also for their healing properties, resulting in pieces that are designed not simply to adorn the wearer, but to interact with, reflect and enhance her own unique qualities. Ten percent of the profit made on each piece is donated to carefully selected local and global charities, a decision that stems from Amisha’s time spent working in politics and international development. Having worked for a number of different charities and campaigns, including the iconic ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign, Amisha felt that integrating the principle of awarenessraising into more of our everyday interactions and transactions was the logical next step in the movement towards greater social responsibility, and by doing so Amisha Jewellery implicitly supports and encourages positive business and consumer practices in a way that is accessible to all.

Designer Amisha Ghadiali feels that sustainability within fashion is a necessity, and something that will be incorporated into all design in the future. She is active within this part of the industry demonstrated by a significant role in the production of The RE:Fashion Awards 2008, the world’s first awards ceremony to celebrate improving social and environmental standards in the fashion industry. Following this Amisha took on a role as a Project Manager for the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), where she is now Associate Director. The EFF is the industry body for Ethical Fashion, the source for inspiration and collaboration for sustainable fashion.

Amisha is not a classically trained jewellery designer and this gives her the freedom to create without rules, a sentiment directly reflected in the tagline, ‘elegance; rebellion’. She has completed short courses at Central Saint Martins and Holts Jewellery Academy to fill in technical knowledge, and otherwise enjoys simply allowing life and her experience of it to influence and inspire her designs.

The defining principle behind Amisha Jewellery is the promotion of ‘positivity’ which is reflected in the careful selection of each stone and its unique qualities, the beauty of the designs themselves, and the decision to donate a percentage of the profits to charity.

The Amisha customer is an independent, hard-working woman, 18-55, with a soft romantic side who embodies and values true beauty, style and positive living – equally; without compromise.

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Amisha is an exciting new independent jewellery label presenting eclectic pieces that embody romance and timeless elegance whilst hinting at the spirit of passion and rebellion that come with just seeing where life takes you… The collections are made up entirely of limited edition pieces, each one a unique arrangement of handcrafted silver and semi-precious stones. Each design carefully combines the colours and properties of the stones and crystals used to produce jewellery that complements and enhances the natural beauty of the wearer. Amisha strives to build strong connections between business and communities and in a step that reflects the positive ideals expressed in the designs themselves, is proud to donate ten percent of the profit to carefully selected local and global charities. Amisha means, literally, someone who spreads ‘the sweetest elixir of the heavens’ all around her, and it is this spirit of vitality and radiant positivity we hope will be instilled in every piece of jewellery so that it will be carried by the wearer and shared wherever she goes. "…he said the light festooned around her like a hundred tiny jewels falling, and in her eyes he saw elsewhere, and when she let down her hair he heard the wings of birds beating…"