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Back in November, I got really excited when I stumbled across the Do Gooder (due to the magic of twitter)

You just download the plug in from their website for your browser. Then it replaces all the advertising that you see with inspiration or messages in support of good and positive change. They also then donate 50% of thier profits to good causes.

Then you have a little leaf collector in the bottom right hand corner that adds up how many do good messages you have seen in replace of advertising.

The first day I used it, I didn’t think it would work, but then saw the number change in the corner and realised that Amazon doesn’t normally give me Anita Roddick quotes and information about water consumption.

Over the last few months Do Good HQ have really upped their game, and are now a supporter of the Ethical Fashion Forum!

Read about it in Good Magazine “Right Clicking: Why Doing Good Online Just Got Easier”

It really has changed my experience of the internet for the better. I no longer get bombarded with badly designed adverts and silly slogans.

Find out more and download it here.

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