Diahann Holder on Embodied Resilience, Spiritual Bypassing and Flourishing Relationships – E135 The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

How do we move towards truthful personal power during times of polarisation? In this episode Amisha talks to Diahann Holder, an international Soul Success and Radiance Coach, Conscious Entrepreneur and Spiritual Healer. Her own personal healing journey took her around the world learning and training within different esoteric healing modalities. Today Diahann supports female visionaries, leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs to form their unique soul “sauce” to forge positive impact in their lives and professional fields. She hosts transformational empowerment programmes and private coaching alongside retreats and events to awaken awareness within the body, minds and souls. Amisha and Diahann explore the idea that the polarised complexities emerging in our world today can no longer be held by our current personal and systemic capacities. They are a call for an archaic revival, a time for reclamation of ancestral wisdom and practices, and for embodying our truths. Diahann believes that by tending and nurturing our internal worlds we will equip ourselves with resources and embodied resilience needed to face external challenges whilst retaining our sense of freedom and joy. She talks about how by fiercely standing in our personal truths, we will flourish brave relationships that bring alive a sense of deep connection, shared values, courage and happiness. They share that doing what we can with what we have in the moment, and not spiritually bypassing intelligence that lays beyond our perceived limitation, is essential for birthing new visions of collective potentiality.  We learn that in order to flourish a compelling future with the greatest possible outcome, we need to learn to give to others by building upon the energy and feeling behind our actions for the greater good. Daily rituals, letting go of our seriousness and learning to trust in our own mystery will help us reclaim personal power ultimately enveloping us in our golden essence of life. Links from this episode and more at www.thefutureisbeautiful.co 
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