Wisdom at Work with Amisha

Wisdom at Work offers you and your team simple life hacks that lead to more productivity, and a healthier and happier environment.

There has been much research that shows keeping your team motivated and engaged affects your overall performance and therefore your bottom line. Whether in a corporate environment or a community of entrepreneurs this workshop introduces small ideas that can make a big difference. Doing this workshop with your team or peers brings you all onto the same page and allows you to change the culture in which you work and further support each other’s growth. The techniques shared can improve focus, memory, and bring about an overall wellbeing.

The Wisdom at Work workshop (which can be done in normal working clothes) includes:

* Hacks for the morning to set you up for a great day at work

* An understanding of mindfulness and tools to use during the working day

* Learning to meditate and the benefits it brings

* Food & Drink hacks for the office to feel more energised

* Effective communication

* Ways of working with stress, anxiety and preventing adrenal fatigue and burnout

* Yoga and stretches that can be done throughout the working day to counter balance those hours at the computer

* Hacks for the evening so that you fully unwind, de-stress and get a good nights sleep

An extended version of the workshop is available which includes a full yoga class. Space for mats and workout clothes needed.


Weekly Yoga or Meditation Sessions 

You can book regular yoga or meditation sessions at your workplace in London. These can be anything from 45min to 90mins and would take place weekly over an desired period of time. The sessions can be either yoga, and mindfulness meditation, or can be a combination of the two. They can be for a group, or private one to ones. We will discuss your needs and find the right time of day and style for you.

Photography by David Burlison

Photography by David Burlison



These sessions are led by Amisha Ghadiali, an award winning social entrepreneur whose career has included demanding roles in the political, sustainability and tech start-up worlds. She combines this knowledge of what is realistic and what makes the difference in a serious working environment, with her deep knowledge of sustainable living, mindfulness and yoga.



* Wisdom at Work Workshop (2.5 Hours, shorter available on request)

* Wisdom at Work Half-Day Workshop including a yoga class (4 Hours)

* Facilitation for your company away day or away retreat

* Weekly yoga and/or meditation sessions for your team (London Only)

* One to One yoga and meditation sessions, perfect for CEOS, Founders and Managers


For some tips around preventing burnout, read this blog post.

For more information or to book, e-mail takeamoment (at) amisha.co.uk