Amisha-Yoga-Meditation-1-300x300I have always been curious as to how we can live in awareness, be present and feel energised, whilst doing our best to make the world a better place. It was this quest for understanding myself whilst working on innovative and demanding projects that led me to yoga and meditation, and ultimately to becoming a teacher and healer. I love sharing this ancient wisdom and find it to be truly transformative.

When working together we explore questions like; What divides us from ourselves and our wider world? How do we truly embody our values? How can we live in greater freedom and empowerment?  How can we express our creativity? How can we heal our past wounds? How can we feel more alive? How can we choose love over fear? How can we trust our intuition? How can we feel confident and deserving of our dreams? How can we be more mindful? How can we be more productive and have more time for rest? How can we learn from our experiences? How can we stop feeling stressed out, distracted and alone? How can we feel more deeply connected to our communities? How can we slow down when the world around us feels like it’s picking up speed? How can we focus when we need to? How can we let go and play? How can we make our lives mean something? How can we create the future we choose? How can we create beauty in our lives? How can we impact the world around us? How can we be true leaders? How can we live from our hearts? How can we be ourselves?

If you ever ask yourself any of these questions, let’s get together.

I offer one to one sessions, teach regular classes in london, and hold workshops and retreats. My work brings together body, mind and spirit. I use the teachings of yogic philosophy, anatomy studies, entrepreneurship, energy healing, non-violent communication, intuitive development, reiki, coaching, leadership, storytelling, anthropology, mindfulness, urban priestess, play, and my own personal experiences, to bring what is needed to each session.

In addition I am a writer and speaker on all aspects of conscious and sustainable living. My background is in Sustainable Fashion, Politics, Social Entrepreneurship, Tech and Design. I weave these experiences together with spiritual awareness to question what it really means to be human at this time.


Work With Me:
+ Yoga & Meditation
+ Speaking & Writing

Creative Activism Projects:
+ 108 London (Community)
+ The Future Is Beautiful – Think Act Vote (Book)
+ Amisha Jewellery
+ 12 Rules To Dress By
+ Sustainable Style

Please do get in touch if you would like to share something, start a conversation or work together.