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The Secret Lives of Our Clothes

This is a great video from Greenovate that takes you through the clothing supply chain and gives you a clearer idea of what really happens.


“At some level, we know that our style reflects what kind of person we are. It shows what matters to us and how we see ourselves. We would like to see ourselves as people who care about things beyond ourselves. When we know the hidden price tag we can express that by casting our vote at the checkout counter. No to overuse of pesticides and toxic chemicals, yes to fair wages and a healthy environment. Social media amplifies our voice as consumers, not only to vote with our wallets but to influence our social circles to do the same. It shifts the balance of power because we as consumers outnumber all of the brands and organisations. There is a few billion of us now buying products every day. The time has finally come where we can make a positive impact with every purchase we make towards a fairer, healthier and more sustainable planet.”

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Amisha Ghadiali
Amisha Ghadiali
Conscious Living // Sustainable Fashion Specialist + Yoga Teacher
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  • Megan Smith

    Where did you get this text? I read it by an Australian author 3 years ago but you have put your name to it. Please explain.

    • Amisha Ghadiali

      I haven’t put my name to it. The words that I have typed are in quotation marks as they come from the video by Greenovate. Who is the author? Maybe Greenovate worked with them to produce this video? Best thing to do if you are concerned is to write to and I am sure they would be happy to explain. Thanks, Amisha

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