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Today I was elected onto the council of the Electoral Reform Society for a two year term. I was encouraged to stand after supporting the Yes Campaign earlier this year, here is my vision for change.

Why I want to be a Society Council Member? 

When I was invited to be a spokesperson and Vice-Chair of the Yes Campaign, I was extremely honoured to be representing those of us that are not members of political parties but care about our country’s future. Less than 1% of the UK electorate are members of political parties and it is vital that the ERS  represents this voice.

I have always been an active citizen both in terms of taking part in mainstream politics, but bringing a strong practise of personal agency into my everyday life to make a difference to our quality of life and with being active in creating a better future as demonstrated by my work with Think Act Vote and in ethical fashion & sustainability. I feel that electoral reform is one of our biggest challenges as it really gets to the heart of our democracy and who’s voices actually matter. For example in the last UK General Election, the result was decided by just 1.6% of the electoral in the marginal seats. I understand how politics works but it is not my whole life as I work in the creative and sustainability industries. I am hard-working, and bring energy and dedication to every project that I get involved in. I know that I can bring a fresh perspective to the work of the ERS.

Vision for the Electoral Reform Society

This year’s referendum and the voting statistics in recent general elections show that there is a deep problem with our political system. Our way of voting and the current make up of parliament seem to keep so many people out of the conversation. These are people that strongly care about the future of our country, and want to participate, but don’t feel that they can express this under our current system. The ERS needs to tackle this gap  between people’s natural interest in politics and feeling that their participation is making a difference.

We need to be an organisation that balances the credibility of an established authority on elections with the energy and drive of one that believes we need to make a fundamental change in politics. We need to create a balance between a think tank and a campaigning organisation, combining the best of the old and the new, building a case for reform following the defeat of the Alternative Vote and involving as many activists as possible in the future direction of the organisation.

There are many key issues that we need to tackle for the health of our democracy; the make up of our current Parliament (including making it more representative with more MPs that are women, from diverse  backgrounds, not ‘career politicians’, more genuinely local candidates), House of Lords reform, local government reform and of course fixing our broken voting system.

So now the hard work begins.

Find out who the other Council Members are.

The Electoral Reform Society (RSA) is a membership organisation, so you can get involved. Join the Electoral Reform Society.

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