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Reflecting Perspectives, Revealing Identities

Over the last nine months, I have taken part of the Cultural Leadership Programme, Diversity Matters. The programme brought together an exciting group of associates and combined a mixture of personal mentoring, with group sessions including a variety of speakers such as David Heavy, Jane Glaister OBE and John Siddique. The third component of the small group project, where I worked with two other associates; Debbie Johnson, Head of Choreography at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Andrew Payne, Head of Education and Outreach at the National Archives. Each group had one of the different themes that we had been looking at over the course of the programme, ours was this question of ‘Who are we and does it matter in the 21st century?’

Bringing our different skill sets and outlooks together, we decided to design a project that could be represented by any community, bringing together people’s stories about their identities, community engagement and artistic interpretation. Our project: Reflecting Perspectives, Revealing Identities can be understood through this video:


We welcome anyone to use the idea outlined in this film to create community art projects that reflect perspectives and reveal identities.

Debbie Johnson, Andrew Payne and Amisha Ghadiali

+ Click here for biographies of the associates Cultural Leadership Associates – Diveristy Matters

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Amisha Ghadiali
Amisha Ghadiali
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