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Coalition at Theatre 503

A friend of mine invited me to go and see Coalition last week at Theatre 503, above The Latchmere. I went along not knowing what I was heading to and found myself sat next to Baroness Oona King. The concept behind Coalition was great, challenging the idea that theatre no longer reacts to current affairs and offers social commentary.

You can watch this video on the concept and how it came about.


I have so far only seen the Blue Group and am hoping to see the Yellow Group over the next few days. Tickets seem to be going fast, even Gordon and Sarah Brown have been to see it.

Coalition really shows what you can do with little time when you bring great minds together, and mix up the traditionally trained with raw talent. I laughed for pretty much the whole time in there, and left mind a thinking. All five of the pieces that I saw had something very clever and funny about them, but Westminster Side Story really stuck out. I would love to see a full length west end version!

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